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Planetary Rootwork means oils, herbs, baths, mojo bags, and more are crafted using Astrological Magic techniques and timing. Powerful positions of the planets and beautiful rituals are used to infuse every product with magical energies you can feel.

All products are made with cold-pressed oils (sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond, and walnut,
depending on the product) with vitamin E as a natural preservative, as well as herbs and spices, precious metals, crystals (including real Lake MI agates!), resins, and in some products, local Michigan wildflower honey. Ingredients are wild-harvested, or organic and fair trade whenever possible.
hird Coast Mojo products are crafted to the highest standards and are intended to allow anyone to bring a little magic into their life. The bottles are designed to be visually appealing and speak to the subconscious mind of abundance, blessings, and mysteries. Each item is meant to be a talisman; a charm speaking to the owner of their innate power, greatness, and worth. I believe that for all too many people, life is drab and mundane, slowly wearing you down into forgetting your miraculous nature. It is my mission to show everyone that, with a little self love and intention, they can unleash real magic in their lives every day.
A selection of products is now available via Etsy! Look for classic rootwork formulations like Come To Me, Crown of Success, and Easy Life, as well as innovative planetary formulations such as Venus for love, magnetism, and luxury; Mercury for inspiration, insight, and creativity; Sol for positivity and prosperity, and much more!

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